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Happy Birthday!

Posted by Corey Van Huizen on Saturday, March 2, 2019 @ 9:09 PM

Happy Birthday TCG Family!


One Year ago today we launched out of the back room of Caledonia Christian Reformed Church and began meeting on Sunday mornings at EB Coffee & Pub. What a year its been!

We have seen God draw more and more people to himself and his family at our little church, which is exactly why we exist. 


Over the last year we’ve been excited to move from 1 service to 2 services on a Sunday morning. We have added a worship director named Zac and a KidsMin director named Johanna - these two are a blast to work with! Both of them care deeply for the mission of this church - to tell people about the life and love of Jesus and to learn to live and love like him.

We planted a new house gathering under the leadership of Joe and Julie Pettinga which has created more space for others to find a family here at TCG - which is why we exist. 


Many of you who attend now may not realize it, but TCG is not actually 1 year old today - its almost 3 and half! TCG actually started with only a handful of families back in January of 2016. A few families beginning to worship together, pray together, eat together. We experimented with various worship times and spaces. We met in homes during the week to serve our communities, grow in relationship, and learn to follow Jesus together - always with the same goal in mind: to teach people about the life and love of Jesus and learn to live and love like him.


Thats still the goal, to see people come to know Jesus and reconnect with their Father in Heaven. Sure we are going to be starting new house gatherings this year, filling out 2 worship gatherings, and even looking at some other exciting things down the road (stay tuned) - but its still all about people learning to follow Jesus. I am convinced now more than ever of the love and the grace of Jesus and that following him will lead you to the kind of life you’ve always wanted. 


So here’s to the next year! Here’s to continuing to invite others, continuing to serve, continuing to grow spiritually - and ultimately continuing to follow Jesus together!! 


Happy Birthday!

Mike-big brother said...

Posted on Sunday, March 3, 2019 @ 2:47 PM -
Congrats Corey and Alanna, we are excited to how this has worked out for you guys. Very cool to see the progress that has been made. Reminds me of a phrase we've been hearing in our church when you listen to Jesus, " if Jesus says to do it, then we probably should do it." Continue to grow and worship him. Sounds like your church has been a true blessing to many people already.

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