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Unsubscribe (Part 3) - Purpose Series Unsubscribe (Part 3) - Purpose

Today people talk about purpose or passion as though its something…

Unsubscribe (Part 2) - Community Series Unsubscribe (Part 2) - Community

Often group identity is reinforced by US/THEM mentalities. What…

Unsubscribe (Part 1) - Identity Series Unsubscribe (Part 1) - Identity

There are a lot of voices vying to cast vision for your life.…

Outfit (Part 5) - Patience Series Outfit (Part 5) - Patience

October 6, 2019
Pastor Tyler Greenway



There are a lot of voices vying to cast vision for your life. There are many voices influencing what you think about when you think about yo


This series is for anyone in a relationship, of any kind, at any age - romantic or platonic.

Predicting the Future

Your best predictor of the future is your current behavior.

Don't Be Weird

How do we talk about our faith without being "weird"?

...But God

Often we make assumptions about the types of people that God likes, likes to use, likes to bless, and who like God. Sometimes we can get tri


Giving the kind of honest expression to human experience that resonates with the soul.

Concerning Compassion

Guest Preacher Dr. Tyler Greenway walks us through the book of Jonah and invites us to consider who deserves compassion.

Giving Up and Getting Better

We've all got things in our lives that we know: If I gave this up life would get better. What is it for you?

Devotion Is Doing

Following Jesus to the Life you never knew you've always wanted.

Identity - Who Are You?

"What is that unchanging thing about you that makes you you even when everything around you changes ... and where does it come from?"

Parables - What's Your Story?

Jesus came to invite us into a different story. A better story. He used Parables to teach it.

Living the Love

What difference does Christianity make?

Faith On Trial

Why believe in God?