Relationships can be difficult in this day and age.
Given the challenges of social media, dating apps, binging reality tv relationships, or the messages in movies - how is anyone supposed to know how to develop good, healthy relationships. In this series we're going to talk about how to do exactly that! Paul in Colossians 3 tells the community of believers there to put on virtues like clothes everyday. In a world that tells you to follow your feelings - Paul says when it comes to relationships: You are what you wear! So the question is, what outfit will you decide to put on?

Outfit (Part 5) - Patience Series Outfit (Part 5) - Patience

October 6, 2019
Pastor Tyler Greenway

Outfit (Part 4) - Gentleness Series Outfit (Part 4) - Gentleness

September 29, 2019
Pastor Corey Van Huizen

Outfit (Part 3) - Humility Series Outfit (Part 3) - Humility

September 22, 2019
Pastor Corey Van Huizen

Outfit (Part 2) - Kindness Series Outfit (Part 2) - Kindness

September 15, 2019
Pastor Corey Van Huizen

Outfit (Part 1) - Compassion Series Outfit (Part 1) - Compassion

September 8, 2019
Pastor Corey Van Huizen